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engineering for today by Tina Dawson, Disney Youth Education Series E ngineering is a driver of innovation, social and economic development. social and environmental impacts on a local and global scale. The word “engineer” has its roots in the Latin word “ingeniare,” meaning “to design or devise.” Engineering is one of the oldest professions. It’s an extremely broad discipline and encompasses many fields. The largest areas today are Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial and Mechanical. These are the fundamental disciplines from which more specialized fields spring. Engineers impact almost every aspect of our lives. We rely on them to provide solutions that meet the demands of our ever-growing world population. Although there is a growing global need for multi-talented engineers, the interest in pursuing this field of study is waning. Those who take up the challenge of making a difference in our world through engineering will discover rewards and opportunities unlike many other fields of study, with job satisfaction being at the top of the rewards list. Engineers address real world problems. Take a moment and look around our world — the bridges we travel across, the systems for mass transit, the cars we drive, the medical equipment doctors use, theme park attractions, launching a space shuttle, the processes for cleaning up toxic spills, etc. Each is a result of the scientific and mechanical world of engineering. In simple terms, engineers are problem solvers. They fix things that are broken, improve things that are working, and design new inventions using innovation, calculated risk taking and creativity to produce a successful outcome. The first step in the problem solving process for engineers is a thorough understanding of the assignment that is derived from basic questions such as: What is the scope? What is the budget? What are the parameters? What is the timeline? What has been done before? Once these questions have been answered it’s time for some good old-fashioned brainstorming! Brainstorming helps pinpoint which ideas are plausible solutions. In this phase engineers adhere to a philosophy called “optimization in problem solving,” which requires them to seek the best possible solutions given all relevant restraints. In many cases, time and budget will determine what ideas move forward in the problem solving process. Engineers are problem solvers who have an almost insatiable curiosity about how things work, and then they want to figure out how to improve it. This type of thinking has resulted in advanced cleaning systems, rollercoasters that rocket at speeds once thought unobtainable, more fuel efficient cars, performance enhancing sneakers, lightweight bicycles, sports equipment and more! Unlike their early predecessors who were mainly concerned with roads, bridges and fortifications, today’s engineers are faced with challenges that require more engineering innovations than ever. Innovations that must now broaden in scope to take into account 14 | N extra credit Do you see engineering traits in your students? If so, encourage them to explore, research and reach out to discover what a career in engineering has to offer. Essential Traits of Engineers: • Possesses a thirst for knowledge. Able to apply lessons from the past with the knowledge of today to develop innovative solutions. • Demonstrates strong analytical skills. Sees projects from multiple perspectives. • Is able to work within a team setting. Engineers work in teams consisting of multiple engineering disciplines. • Displays excellent communication skills. Able to modify/adapt technical language to meet the needs of the intended audience. • Demonstrates technical and mathematical skills. Engineering involves precise calculations and knowledge of how varieties of systems operate and integrate with one another. Disney Youth Education Series offers a variety of programs that allow your students to get handson experiences in the applied sciences. For more information visit DisneyYouth.com/Magazine. http://www.DisneyYouth.com/Magazine

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Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2013
Walt Disney, Educator
Career Spotlight
A Touching Reunion
Engineering for Today
Career Spotlight
Research and Storytelling
Center Stage
Disney Dreamers Academy
The Path to Newsies
Creativity in the Classroom
Educational Field Trips
Inspiring Through Theatre
Festival Disney Turns 10
New Learning Opportunities
The Visual Musicians
Beyond the Bright Lights
Music Education Excellence
Focus on the Future
Poetic License
Spotlight On: The Disney Honors
Disney Performing Arts Alumni
Mickey’s Education Adventure
Disney Performing Arts Opportunities
Disney Youth Education Series Opportunities
Students Get the “Scoop”
The Fundamentals of Finance
Advertisers and Thank You
Travel Planner Honors
Mickey’s Mind Teasers

Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2013

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