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the path to Newsies! Disney Performing Arts alumni light up Broadway S et in New York City at the turn of the century, the Tony® Award-winning Broadway smash hit Newsies is the rousing tale of Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy and leader of a ragged band of teenaged “newsies,” who dreams of a better life far from the hardship of the streets. Corey Cott plays the lead role of Jack, a spirited character inspired by the real-life “Newsboy Strike of 1899,” when a newsboy led a band of orphan and runaway newsies on a two-week strike against powerful newspaper publishers. Corey’s Broadway career allows him to act, sing and dance in front of large audiences daily. But his love of performing started in childhood. In high school, he traveled with his performance ensembles to the Walt Disney World® Resort, where he took part in Disney Performing Arts programs, which included singing and dancing at Magic Kingdom® Park and completing a choral workshop. Corey says that much of what he learned during these programs continues to help him in his career today. “The importance of camaraderie among peers and colleagues is definitely something I came away with,” he says. “Also, the example that Disney sets as a corporation consistently blows my mind. As a performer I am always inspired by the high quality of detail and specificity Disney injects into its performances, and this detail was extremely present in my experience with Disney Performing Arts … [It was,] without a doubt, one of my favorite high school experiences. Disney Performing Arts inspires, invigorates, and gives students and teachers a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.” Fellow Newsies cast member Iain Young, who plays newsboy Henry in the Broadway production, was also involved in Disney Performing Arts in high school and credits these programs with pulling him out of his comfort zone. “The master class that we did was [Disney’s] Broadway Magic,” says Iain. “I was cast to play a very character driven role. A struggle of mine was opening up to that side of things and allowing myself to dive into a character. And having to do it so quick in that situation, where you just learned it and had to perform it in the next 45 minutes, made me drop all of those hesitations. It was awesome to gain that experience and to not judge myself and just be open.” While years of training and dedication will help aspiring performers in their quest to land a role in a major Broadway production, making it on such a big stage takes a lot of preparation. “We had about three weeks of rehearsals to learn the entire show before I debuted,” explains Iain. “Studio time, learning all the choreography, working with the music directors, singing new music … I was really diligent about recording music when it was played in rehearsal as well as taking notes about what I learned so I could review everything each night when I got home.” Corey says that making the shift from student to full-time performer also takes Always find ways to learn. a lot of focus. “In college there are a lot of factors informing your experience,” As artists, and humans, there he explains. “You are in different classes is never a cap to what we can with tons of different responsibilities. learn. Every day is a new day Your focus is evenly split among friends, teachers, class work, weekends, to learn something about having fun, etc. Once you have a job your craft, on Broadway, performing a role eight times a week is extremely demanding - Corey Cott vocally and physically, your focus must shift to maintaining the health in your body and voice. Performing in a Broadway show has a lot of responsibility Scan the code to view with it. Twelve-hundred people are watching an exclusive interview your every move every single day, sometimes with Corey Cott! twice a day.” ” 24 | N extra credit Corey Cott as Jack Kelly “

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Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2013
Walt Disney, Educator
Career Spotlight
A Touching Reunion
Engineering for Today
Career Spotlight
Research and Storytelling
Center Stage
Disney Dreamers Academy
The Path to Newsies
Creativity in the Classroom
Educational Field Trips
Inspiring Through Theatre
Festival Disney Turns 10
New Learning Opportunities
The Visual Musicians
Beyond the Bright Lights
Music Education Excellence
Focus on the Future
Poetic License
Spotlight On: The Disney Honors
Disney Performing Arts Alumni
Mickey’s Education Adventure
Disney Performing Arts Opportunities
Disney Youth Education Series Opportunities
Students Get the “Scoop”
The Fundamentals of Finance
Advertisers and Thank You
Travel Planner Honors
Mickey’s Mind Teasers

Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2013

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